Albert Hague is the composer if the melodies of two fine Broadway scores: 1955's "Plain & Fancy" (the source of his best-known song, "Young And Foolish") and 1959's "Redhead." He is also familiar to movie and TV buffs from his role as the music professor in the film and TV series "Fame." His wife, Renee Orin, is an actress and a singer. Together in a February 1998 performance at the Los Angeles nightspot Cinegrill, they sang with a nice, informal air and offered amiable chitchat. But for musical theater fans, the evening also served as a rare, winning reprise of Hague's work on Broadway, along with a haunting blues number, "Early Blue Evening," that he wrote with poet Langston Hughes. Also of not are songs Hague wrote with the late comedian Allen ("Muddah, Faddah") Sherman for a 1968 show, "Fig Leaves Are Falling," that never made it to Broadway. What ever other failings hunt over that musical, the songs presented here indicate that the score wasn't one of them. As entertaining and edifying cabaret performance. Contact (323) 856-9202